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To strengthen adults and children who lack employment, education, housing and stability in order to decrease the likelihood of mental instability and substance abuse addiction. We aim to establish innovative standards of care to ensure effective and culturally competent recovery.


The Co- Founders of Quest Innovations, Inc

The Co- Founders of Quest Innovations, Inc Fritz Vaneus Jr and Demetria S. Vaneus have a combine experience base of over sixteen years experience working in the mental health field. Mental Illness or psychotherapeutic conditions are classified as abnormal thoughts, feelings, and behavior, for a determined amount of time, which causes distress or emotional/physical impairment. This includes a wide range of psychological or psychiatric disorders and often requires psychiatric intervention. Conditions can be caused by either a biological origin such as genetic, chemical, and anatomical; or a psychological origin such as trauma or conflict. The Founders have work with individuals and families in all categories.

Fritz founder

Fritz Vaneus Jr.


Learned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Recreational Management and Leisure Activities with a minor in Psychology at Cheyney University in 2000. He successfully completed his master's of science in community psychology from Springfield College of Human Services in 2003 and later earned a certification in Applied Behavior Analysis from St. Joseph's University in 2004. In 2008 Fritz become the Chief Executive Officer of a mental health organization   which served 600 children, adolescents, and adults in Greensboro N.C.



quest founder

Demetria S. Vaneus


Demetria S. Vaneus earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology with a minor in Biology from East Carolina University in 2005. She gained her experience and knowledge in case management working with children and adults in various mental health and substance abuse settings across North Carolina.




Why We Are Committed

As the Founders worked in the mental health field in various local communities based mental health organization they noticed many gaps in the services provided to consumers. The Founder’s desire and focus is to help those in need regardless of medical history, educational attainment, financial status, and zip code. It is important to them that they reach as many people as possible, people who are looking for change for the better, and a more meaningful life. Over the years the Founders have seen the challenges people have face, they have seen many people in need unable to receive the treatment and serves they need, due to a lack of funding for programs which would address their needs, they have watched with harvey hearts people bring turn away not served and living with mental issues. Do to their many years in the mental health industry they under stands the needs of the community and they understands what and how to provide these services in away and to the people who need them most in an effective and efficient way. Due to their desire to expand needed services the Founders created Quest Innovations, Inc to fill the void which currently permits so many people to fall through the cracks in the system without help. To address this void, the Founders Fritz Vaneus Jr and Demetria S. Vaneus incorporated Quest Innovations, Inc. in the state of North Carolina, a board of directors developed, by-laws adopted, a budget developed, developed mission, vision and goal statements, infrastructure of organization developed. Completed and submitted IRS form 1023 to become a nonprofit organization

What We Are Doing

Currently Quest Innovations, Inc, is working to identify organizations, businesses and other stakeholders in the community to partner with in order to provide services to the community; Quest Innovations, Inc believes it is important to expand opportunities for people who are need and the only way to achieve this objective is by creating an organization which builds on the great programs in the community and at the same time addressing the voids in the system thus, Quest Innovations, Inc is searching the community to develop strong relation with like minded stakeholders, organization nonprofit as well as for profit and business who share our vision and goals.

What We Are Working On

Quest Innovations, Inc is a program designed to serve the needs of veterans, adults and children, in crisis. To help them deal with the devastating trauma of suicidal thoughts, emotional or situational problems, to stabilize and restore those who have fallen into a state of continual crisis mode. The first thirty-six months of operation Quest Innovations, Inc will serve 400 consumers, seventy- five consumer the first year in 2013, one hundred fifty the second year 2014 and one- hundred seventy-five consumers the third year 2015. The fourth year and thereafter, the program will serve a minimum of two hundred consumers annually. Quest Innovations, Inc will provide is elucidated in Part VI question 1a of this application. Quest Innovations, Inc will utilize the Case management approach in delivering serves to consumers. Case management is an activity that assists consumers to gain access to necessary care: medical, behavioral, social, and other services appropriate to their needs. Case management is individualized, person centered, empowering, comprehensive, strengths-based, and outcome focused.

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